How do you say I wear at weekends in French?

(asked by Abby from Basildon, UK)

I’m a bit confused by this question.

Do you mean: How do you say “I wear at weekends” in French?
Or is it: How do you say “I wear” at weekends, in French?
Or did you mean something else? But what?

With all due respect, I’d like to use this opportunity to remind everyone that punctuation is never optional, if you want people to understand you (even though I’m not perfect with it, English punctuation and French punctuation differing from one another)…

Also, the goal of this blog is not exactly to help you with your French homework but to give you insights on the French culture and the French people, not really to teach you the French language (class will be much more useful than a blog for that).

Anyway, because it’s a first, I’ll try to answer to this (these?) question.

So how do we say “I wear at weekends” in French?

First, I’d like to underline the fact that in French we rarely wear “at weekends” we wear pieces of clothing, not periods of time, and if I’m not wrong that is the same in English.

So, I’m going to assume the actual question was: How do you say “I wear” and “at weekends”?

And here is the answer:

In French, we say: “Je porte” for “I wear” and “le week-end” (note the singular form and the absence of preposition) for “at weekends”.

And if by any chance, the question was: How do you say “I wear” at weekends? Well, we don’t have a special way to say it on the weekends that would be different from the way we say it on weekdays

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