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Finally your chance has arrived to learn more about these strange people, the French!
As no less than the self-proclaimed “World Specialist on Frenchness and all Things French”, I will answer any question about anything you’ve always wanted to know and never dared to ask about France and the French.

Keep in mind a few things though.

  • French people are individuals and as such have a mind of their own, they do not all think the same things, so no I cannot know what this one person thinks just because we share the same nationality.
  • I cannot read minds either, so don’t bother asking me about this guy you just met and whether he likes you or not.
  • If you’re sure your question about this guy is a cultural one and not a personal one, search the blog (look there’s a search box at the top of the side bar), I have most likely already answered your question.


  • Despite those warnings, if you’re still sure that the question is cultural and not personal, if you have searched the blog and haven’t found anything, then feel free to ask. But keep in mind that I have answered a lot of questions about relationships, it is very unlikely that I will answer your question. It will really have to be a topic I totally missed.
  • I’m not your bitch, neither a replacement for your ability to think by yourself (or lack of thereof), so before asking me a question think twice about whether you can find the answer by yourself (you know, Wikipedia, Google, those things), and about how stupid your question really is. I will answer some stupid questions if I feel I can have fun and make fun of the person who asked while doing it. I have a very low tolerance for spoiled brats though.
  • If even after those warnings you still think your question is a valid one, ask it. But be careful what you wish for…


Do not burden yourselves with political correctness, I won’t.
Do not be afraid to offend me or my compatriots, but don’t forget that these things go both ways so do not be afraid to be offended either.
Also keep in mind that there are about 30 million other Frenchmen in the world (not mentioning 30 million Frenchwomen too) and there may be as many answers to some questions, even though there is no doubt that my answers are definitely better than theirs.

To ask a question, you have several options :

  • E-mail me : contact @ (yes, there are spaces before and after the @ because of spambots, of course, you need to remove them when you’re e-mailing me.
  • Go to the Contact Page and shoot.
  • Try to avoid asking in the comments, I may miss your question.


Please, note that anonymous comments and questions will not be taken into consideration unless they’re really really interesting.