No I do not publish every comment that is submitted to me.
I obviously don’t publish spam or comments that are actually questions deserving their own topic.
But I also tend to not publish comments on topics that have been widely commented when said comment doesn’t bring anything new. Finally, unless really interesting, I won’t publish a comment that is off-topic and/or will lead to a lengthy off-topic discussion.
And most importantly, if I don’t publish your comment, don’t come commenting again to complain about the fact that I didn’t publish your previous comment, especially if you’re just a “name” with no e-mail address, no link to a blog or a website or nothing else for that matter (I’m actually tempted to never publish those somewhat anonymous comments, but that would be stupid to reject interesting ones, just on that basis). At least, have the decency to send me an e-mail, then maybe you’ll get an answer.
pixel Small Clarification...

5 Responses to “Small Clarification…”

  1. I'm just starting to follow blogs and I love this one. I just can't figure out how to send you, Mr. Frenchman, an email. I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, as I am not stupid. I just don't see any link on the homepage where I can ask a question. Please advise. Thanks!

  2. Dear Mandy,

    From you commenting on that blog, I assume that you can read and understand English.
    And from that, I assume that you can understand what "Read First" means, right?

  3. Frenchman,

    I did read Read First first. Sorry I didn't absorb your email address the first time around. I haven't gotten much sleep the last few days.
    Thanks for your quick response, even if it was sarcastic and a bit "aggressive."


  4. Dear David,

    You are a snarky man. If you weren't strangely charming with it, I'm sure you'd have alienated every new reader to your blog (instead of only 80% of them).

  5. As for myself, I'm firmly in the 20%, then. Maybe because it hasn't been directed at me! (Yet.) I see the snarkiness (that is too good a word not to use it again) as a sign of humour and intelligence -to be enjoyed. Along with the charm.

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