(asked by Thomas from the US) What is the high school experience like in France? Socially, it’s a big big deal in the US. Is that also true in France? And what does the educational picture look like for immigrants and minorities? You have two interesting questions here. One is going to be easy to answer, the second one much less, and sadly I won’t be able to answer in details to the second part. Let’s start with the high [Read the rest]

(asked by Harmony from the UK) Could you possibly explain to a confused foreigner how the French education system works, if you continue in education after you take the baccalauréat? I’ve looked up various websites, including the Wikipedia entry for ‘classes préparatoires’ and have French friends I’ve asked, but I find it hard to separate out hard fact from a kind of snobbery (based around the fact that one friend tried repeatedly to get into ENA and has not quite [Read the rest]

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