Jan 022011

(asked by Patricia from somewhere – I guess the US) Do French men really find American women fascinating? Ah American women! The object of fascination of all Frenchmen!!! Or are they? Well, first I guess we need to define “fascination.” Personally, I always found mole rats to be extremely fascinating if you see what I mean. I guess we need to separate two things here. First, American women, the way they are depicted in the French media and the fascination [Read the rest]

May 052009

(asked by David B. from Québec) I would like to know, what do the French really think of the Franco-Québécois, or even of the non-francophones from Quebec and Canada. Just to see as to how it differs from their overall and/or personal appreciation of that great American figure that is the college kid, the tourist, the expat, and their otherwise non as caricatural compatriots… Well, first you need to know that the French are fully aware that Franco-Québécois are very [Read the rest]

Mar 112009

(asked by anonymous from New York) Hi Mr. Frenchman,So in poking around your blog I have noticed that, simply put, the French don’t seem to like American study abroad students much. Living in New York, I can certainly understand the hatred for obnoxious and slow moving tourists, but I think in general Americans find foreign students interesting and exciting. Or, at least those who really have an interest in learning about America and trying to practice and improve their English. [Read the rest]