Jul 142012
Are the French Capable of Electing a President of Arab or African Descent Today?

    As today is Bastille Day (although I’d rather call it “14 juillet” like 99.9% of the French do) I couldn’t not post here. However, this post doesn’t have any link to the French National Holiday, it just so happens that I got this very interesting question this morning and I told myself “why not answering it right away?” (I know some people have been waiting for an answer from my part for months if not for years, what [Read the rest]

Mar 202010

(asked by Monique from New Mexico) What do you know of the African American experience in France, the entire country not just Paris as far as living and working there? Are they perceived as Hip Hop culturalists or are you more aware of the diversity that African Americans as a group represent? Can you put it in terms of class meaning how are the bourgeois compared with other classes toward African Americans? Do you have to be famous to get [Read the rest]

Mar 122010

(asked by PDD from Vietnam) First, I wanted to commend you on your wonderful blog! I love returning to the site to see what new information you have to offer us. It’s incredibly enlightening, even for a “halfie” (I’m half French, half Vietnamese) as myself! =P Second, I have a question for you, though I know this might be hard to answer without some generalities. My question: I have visited the south of France (in particular Montpellier) with my family [Read the rest]

Dec 252009

(asked by Sarah, from New York) First of all, Sarah, and everybody else, make sure that you have a comment to write as well as some questions, you don’t write them together as I’ll have to either not treat your question as its own post, or -as in this case- I won’t be able to publish the comment, and will have to either edit the whole thing, or keep even if it seems a little bit out of context. Thanks [Read the rest]

Aug 042009

(asked by Lola from the UK and originally from Nigeria) I’ve been reading “Ask a Frenchman” as well as “Stuff Parisians Like” in order to get a feel for what it would be like to live in France. You see, I am 27 and Nigerian; I was raised in the UK from the age of 4 and lived in the US from the age of 16-24 and am now back in the UK. I consider myself to be well-adjusted to [Read the rest]