Apr 212010

(asked by Jacynta from Malaysia) Hi, I am a registered pharmacist in the UK and Singapore . I am planning to move to Paris. I am seeking for information regarding pharmacist registration in France, is it difficult to get a job in France for a foreigner like myself? Please enlighten me. Thank you. Regards, Jacynta Ah! A straight direct question just how I like them (actually I edited it out a little bit, there were a couple of lines about [Read the rest]

Dec 152009

(asked by Nicky from somewhere) I am a qualified & experienced counselor, what do you think are my chances of finding work in France? My parents have lived there for 7 years, near Perpignan and I am hoping to move over at some point soon. Any help and suggestions will be gratefully received! Regards Er… A counselor in what? Unless I’m missing something, don’t you think you’re a little bit too vague for me to be able to answer your [Read the rest]

Oct 022009

(asked by anonymous from somewhere) Any advice on how to live in France and work without being an illegal immigrant? It’s a pretty straightforward question (the e-mail was actually much longer but didn’t contain anything else relevant to this site).So straightforward that the person asking the question could have found the answer with some research. Oh well, I’ll do it then as it’s a very interesting and somewhat important question. I’m even surprised I was not asked this question earlier [Read the rest]