May 052009

(asked by David B. from Québec) I would like to know, what do the French really think of the Franco-Québécois, or even of the non-francophones from Quebec and Canada. Just to see as to how it differs from their overall and/or personal appreciation of that great American figure that is the college kid, the tourist, the expat, and their otherwise non as caricatural compatriots… Well, first you need to know that the French are fully aware that Franco-Québécois are very [Read the rest]

Aug 162008

(asked Lilabet from somewhere in Canada) Her full question: Since we’re on the topic of accents, I live in Canada and find that the Québec version of French seems more nasal than French French. If you’ve ever heard a Québécois(e) speak, do you find their version of French much different than yours? Both in terms of vocabulary and accent? Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of Québécois speak… Sadly, it seems that Québec has taken a habit to always send their [Read the rest]