Jan 022011

(asked by Patricia from somewhere – I guess the US) Do French men really find American women fascinating? Ah American women! The object of fascination of all Frenchmen!!! Or are they? Well, first I guess we need to define “fascination.” Personally, I always found mole rats to be extremely fascinating if you see what I mean. I guess we need to separate two things here. First, American women, the way they are depicted in the French media and the fascination [Read the rest]

Dec 302009

(asked by Sarah, from New York) Do you think a blog in French to ask an American questions would have a lot of interest? I find it interesting that even though Americans have a lot of negative stereotypes on France, we are very nostalgic and interested in their culture. But, I don’t the impression that the French would be as interested.  Guess what… A little while after starting this blog, I wondered the same thing, and I started that blog. [Read the rest]

Sep 022009

(asked by Jeanine G. from Oklahoma) Most Americans love other accents (including me) so I was wondering what French people think of American accents. I know there are many type of American accents, although they actually sound very much alike to me. I am from Oklahoma but I am told I have a Valley Girl accent. So more specifically, what do the French think of Southern and Valley Girl accents? If I understand right, you want to know if people [Read the rest]

Feb 182009

(asked by Wendy from Santa Ana, California) So! What do they really think? Wow, that’s a big one.You’re aware that -more than ever- there are as many answer as there are French people, aren’t you?If you had simply asked “What do the French think about Americans?” I could have answered with the usual batch of clichés and stereotypes: “they’re fat, they have no culture, they’re stupid, they’re warmongers, they eat crap, they don’t know anything about the rest of the [Read the rest]