Dec 252009

(asked by Sarah, from New York) First of all, Sarah, and everybody else, make sure that you have a comment to write as well as some questions, you don’t write them together as I’ll have to either not treat your question as its own post, or -as in this case- I won’t be able to publish the comment, and will have to either edit the whole thing, or keep even if it seems a little bit out of context. Thanks [Read the rest]

Mar 292008

(asked by Leesa from Antony, France (and originally from San Diego, California)) Here is her question in its entirety: “I also know that French “slang” terms are not considered “proper” and are not to be used with people you don’t know pretty well. English jargon/slang doesn’t carry this same negative stigma to Americans- I am not talking “gros mots” here, btw.” And here is my answer: Well, it’s all a question of social class and also what kind of slang [Read the rest]