Aug 062009

(asked by nobody, I just came up with it a few minutes ago while in the metro) Something that annoys me with tourists sometimes is the fact that because they’re abroad and they’re tourists their IQ seems to be suddenly half of what it normally is, and they lose all common sense and ability to think about basic things.I understand that it can be hard to adapt to a foreign country and foreign habits, but when we’re dealing with common [Read the rest]

Jul 072008

(asked by Leesa from Antony, France (and originally from San Diego, California)) She also adds: “I thought that when you are underground, it should be cooler, not hotter.. Maybe all the warm bodies?? It’s especially hot at Châtelet when I am waiting for the RER B. I thought I was going to pass out once…“ The Answer:Well… First it’s a common misconception that it’s cooler underground… In a normal underground, let’s say a cave, an underground cellar, etc. It’s not [Read the rest]