Nov 102009

(asked by Frou Frou from the Czech Republic) Ha, ha, Frou Frou! I know why you’re asking this question. You’re still shocked I praised French women in my answer to your last question, so you found the one question that you knew I would find no excuse for French women… You’re a sneaky one, aren’t you? So why is that?It’s pretty simple, but to understand that, you need to understand French women’s psychology (some people would say that it’s an [Read the rest]

Feb 042009

(Katie S. from Stanford, CA but currently in France) I am an American student living in France - from Paris to Arles to Marseille to Strasbourg. I have found that everywhere I go, French women are cold to me - especially, but not exclusively, if I am dating a guy that they know. Could you explain why? Is it a French woman Vs American woman thing? Or just a French women in general thing? What is the general conception of [Read the rest]