Apr 302010

(sent by Obade from NYC) OK, I’ve been quite silent lately. One reason is that I’ve been busy (in my real life, you know, with my real job and those sorts of things –yeah, contrarily to popular belief, my job is not to maintain this blog; I wish it was, but let’s admit it, the pay sucks). Another reason is because the next question in line (yeah, I try to answer questions in the order in which I get them) [Read the rest]

Apr 212010

(asked by Jen, from… somewhere, possibly somewhere in Asia) Jen -the previous asker- actually had three questions, but instead of bundling them up in one entry, I’m separating them into three. Here is the second one: Another thing is… do French men don’t relate ‘marriage’ with ‘sex’? I am married (though my husband didn’t come to Paris with me) and my two French friends knew it, but both did try (individually and in different occasion of course) to suggest for [Read the rest]

Aug 312009

(asked by Mary from the US) Hello,I have a male friend who is French, he is currently an English teacher in France. We’re Facebook friends, and his updates are constantly about sex- quizzes relating to sex he’s taken, comments about sex, etc. Additionally, in his emails, he never fails to mention a sexual encounter, and always brags how his female (and male…) students have crushes on him and give him sexual gifts, like handcuffs or condoms. It’s not just him [Read the rest]

Aug 202008

(asked by S.B. from… somewhere… apparently people don’t like to mention where they’re from when they ask questions) A few months ago, while visiting my American cousin in Paris (she is married to a French man) I was introduced to one of his friends.I’ve begun learning French and apparently he’s working on his English… We’re both in our mid-twenties.My question: He told me he’d like to spend a lot of time with me when I go back and take me [Read the rest]

Jun 222008

(asked by Leesa from Antony, France (and originally from San Diego, California)) Wow, this is a hard one… Well, it’s not hard to answer this question; it’s hard to answer it in just a few lines… Let’s start with the fact that France and the US belong to the same civilization -let’s call it the Western civilization- and for that reason the biggest mistake both French and American people do when dealing with the other culture is to assume that [Read the rest]