Jul 192010

(asked by Megan, from Brisbane, Australia) On reading your blog I can tell that you are very disillusioned with religion (perhaps with some good reason) but I was wondering if you could tell me a little about the L’Église Réformée de France (Reformed Church of France) as my own distant ancestors were Huguenot refugees who left France after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes (thanks to Louis XIV and his dragoon thugs. ) There is very little information about [Read the rest]

Dec 252009

(asked by Sarah, from New York) First of all, Sarah, and everybody else, make sure that you have a comment to write as well as some questions, you don’t write them together as I’ll have to either not treat your question as its own post, or -as in this case- I won’t be able to publish the comment, and will have to either edit the whole thing, or keep even if it seems a little bit out of context. Thanks [Read the rest]

Oct 112009

(asked by anonymous from somewhere) What is the general attitude towards religion and spirituality in France — especially among young people in their 20s - 30s? I get the impression that French people tend to think of religion in a pretty traditional and simplistic way (à la traditional organized religion) and have a pretty negative reaction to it. Is this true, or is it just the people I know? To answer briefly, the general attitude towards religion and spirituality in [Read the rest]

Sep 052009

(asked by Abigail from somewhere) What’s the deal with French males (even babies) and those gold religious medals worn around the neck? What are those things? I worked as an au pair for a French family many years ago and their 10 month old baby wore one always — when he slept, bathed, played — they never took it off him. In retrospect this seems kind of dangerous, to put a metal chain and a small pendant (perfect size for [Read the rest]