Aug 202009

(asked by Kelly from somewhere) Could you tell us more about the unwritten rules of customer service (or would writing it break the ‘unwritten’ part of the rule?)That would be very helpful for someone planning on visiting/living in France… Don’t worry Kelly, writing down the rules won’t break anything apart from some misconceptions maybe. So what’s going on with customer service in France? Why is it so bad? Or is it that bad?Most Americans (and mostly Americans) will say that [Read the rest]

May 142009

(asked by db, the same as the previous question) What is the Gallic shrug ? Other than that, best blog yet, and quite true too. First of all, thanks for the kind word. Now, the Gallic shrug.First of all, I must underline that the Gallic Shrug “exists” only in the English speaking world, or should I say in the eyes of the English speaking world.I have never heard of the Gallic shrug in the mouth of people from other countries.Most [Read the rest]