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You’re EXACTLY whats wrong with society… PIG

Jainiz from the USA


I’m just saddened that many foreigners will be getting the wrong idea about France.”

an angry French woman that didn’t get the joke


It’s surprising how condescending you are about people with whom you don’t agree (…) and I am really intrigued by your audacity in doing so (…). I heard about a stereotype that the French are big snobs, I am sad that your comments seem to vindicate this stereotype!  (…) Don’t be so irritatingly rude and juvenile.

Td from India


So, I met this French guy the last week-end, can you please tell me if he’s my future husband? He was very sweet, but wanted to have sex on the first night, I’m very confused, but you know, he’s French, so I fantasize about him, I’ve been fantasizing about French men since I hit puberty, or even a little bit before that. So I need to know, does he love me?”

lots of girls who haven’t read the “Read First” page apparently


Who do you think You Are and What In Hell are You Doing On a Web Site chat, that falsely advertises some info about French bla bla????  .. You have shown your page to be ‘very false, full of judgement, criticism (…) you are Not a Support or a Mediator or an Impartial Helper  that can offer some insight or help ..”

Linda A. from Australia


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