Oct 092008

The second part of the answer addresses the fact that Americans love to make fun of France for losing wars.And the fact that it actually tells more about Americans relationship to wars than French people’s. First, as it has been mentioned in the comments of the first part, this stereotype almost always comes from uneducated rednecks (should I dare add Republicans to the package?) and by the way, David L. from Miami is not one of them, I know him, [Read the rest]

Oct 042008

(asked by David L. from Miami) Why do the French suck at war? And winning things in general? (World Cup ’98 does not count because I’m pretty certain Ronaldo was paid off.)” Ah, the war question!Of all the stupid stereotypes about France, I think this is the worst of all.For two reasons:-1st it’s simply not true.-2nd it tells a lot about how Americans see wars and that’s not a pretty sight and explains a lot in the history if the [Read the rest]