Oct 312009

(asked by Sarah from New York) I’m a huge follower of the French “Ligue 1” and French National Soccer team. But, I’m constantly perplexed by the French fans. They boo their team from the minute they walk onto the field. I’ve gathered from your previous posts that the French people in general like to complain… But how do they expect them to win when they don’t receive any support from their fans? And, how can they be angry when their [Read the rest]

Oct 092008

The second part of the answer addresses the fact that Americans love to make fun of France for losing wars.And the fact that it actually tells more about Americans relationship to wars than French people’s. First, as it has been mentioned in the comments of the first part, this stereotype almost always comes from uneducated rednecks (should I dare add Republicans to the package?) and by the way, David L. from Miami is not one of them, I know him, [Read the rest]