Jun 252011

(asked by Nicolette from California) I was in a relationship with a French guy. The relationship was very good here in CA. So, he invited me to France to spend Christmas with his family, meet his parents, etc. I was excited about this, and accepted. I arrived to meet a very wealthy family. During my seven week stay (in their secondary house) I was invited into the big house for 2 meals with them, a lunch on my 5th day [Read the rest]

Jun 022011
What does it mean to hold hands for a French?

  (asked by Regina from Malaysia) I am Asian from Malaysia and have been really confused with my reaction to a French man which I cannot seem to find an answer to explain as I am not sure how French men generally respond to girls taking the initiative? The incident is as follows: Last weekend, we were at a after work party disco event. One of my french colleagues J. got really drunk, and started saying that he loves me [Read the rest]

Apr 302010

(sent by Obade from NYC) OK, I’ve been quite silent lately. One reason is that I’ve been busy (in my real life, you know, with my real job and those sorts of things –yeah, contrarily to popular belief, my job is not to maintain this blog; I wish it was, but let’s admit it, the pay sucks). Another reason is because the next question in line (yeah, I try to answer questions in the order in which I get them) [Read the rest]

Oct 122008

(asked by Tracie from Tucson, Arizona) “Most American males do not say they love you until after the female has said it first. As Americans, we love to be loved and so we toss the word love around like awesome, or great. We say it to everything, people (family, friends, hairdresser, and other people that we don’t have an intimate relationship with, or family), food, hobbies etc. I was wondering if it is the same in France.” It’s right that [Read the rest]

Sep 212008

OK people. I’m afraid there has been a misunderstanding since the last question I answered. Why is it that every single question I’ve received since is basically the same:“I’m dating/am interested in this French man. What does it mean when he does or says this? What does he want? Will my relationship with him work? Will we have many kids? Etc…” I think some people missed something about this blog. Maybe they’ve only read the previous entry and didn’t bother [Read the rest]

Aug 202008

(asked by S.B. from… somewhere… apparently people don’t like to mention where they’re from when they ask questions) A few months ago, while visiting my American cousin in Paris (she is married to a French man) I was introduced to one of his friends.I’ve begun learning French and apparently he’s working on his English… We’re both in our mid-twenties.My question: He told me he’d like to spend a lot of time with me when I go back and take me [Read the rest]