Mar 012010

(asked by Holly from the US) Okay, so you’ve had a question about whether the French can recognize regional American accents BUT what do they think about an American accent when someone speaks French? I have friends living in France who have had several reactions-one man complimented her on her “charming” accent and another told a friend that she shouldn’t speak French so well because American accents are charming and hers wasn’t strong enough. So what…is she supposed to “dumb [Read the rest]

Sep 022009

(asked by Jeanine G. from Oklahoma) Most Americans love other accents (including me) so I was wondering what French people think of American accents. I know there are many type of American accents, although they actually sound very much alike to me. I am from Oklahoma but I am told I have a Valley Girl accent. So more specifically, what do the French think of Southern and Valley Girl accents? If I understand right, you want to know if people [Read the rest]

Aug 162008

(asked Lilabet from somewhere in Canada) Her full question: Since we’re on the topic of accents, I live in Canada and find that the Québec version of French seems more nasal than French French. If you’ve ever heard a Québécois(e) speak, do you find their version of French much different than yours? Both in terms of vocabulary and accent? Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of Québécois speak… Sadly, it seems that Québec has taken a habit to always send their [Read the rest]

Jul 182008

(asked by Leah from… well, I assume she’s from Australia) Also, I assume you want to know what French people think of the Aussie accent in French, not in English, right? Just in case, I’ll answer both. So, what do French people think of the Aussie accent when they hear an Australian speak English? Well, most French people won’t recognize it as their knowledge of English rarely includes recognizing accents.And as far as French people that have a good knowledge [Read the rest]