Jan 252009

(asked by Grace G. from New Mexico) Is it true that the traditional French bread in France (like the pain de deux or baguettes) is made with a special flour, that is protected by law and can’t be exported? I was told that numerous times over there, and that that was the reason the “French” bread you get anywhere else (like here in the USA) just isn’t the same, even when it’s made by a French baker. I can definitely [Read the rest]

Sep 242008

(asked by Marie from… somewhere…) She also adds: “Do you stop every day to buy a loaf of bread at your local bakery?“ Ouch… Busted… With this question the whole world will know I’m not a real French person.The thing is that I don’t really eat bread that much. I can go months without bread. Actually I never ever buy bread, I’ll eat it only if somebody else bought some, but it won’t just cross my mind to buy bread. [Read the rest]