Mar 282011
I’m a vegetarian, will I be a pain in everybody’s ass in France?

  (asked by Lilliem from the US) I just read your blog, and I thought it was really cool and helpful! I do have one question though. I’m going on an exchange to France this summer as a student and staying with a host family. I have been a vegetarian for five years, you mentioned before that you and your friends were talking about it. I was just wondering, do you think that this would really affect my trip? I [Read the rest]

Jan 212010

Not a question today, but just a reminder for my American audience. Regularly on this blog, the question of food arises, and I say that American food is terrible, one of the worst in the world, and some people say that: -American cuisine can be good. -One can find good products in the US. Can American cuisine be good? Yes it can. But it’s more the exception than the rule. All in all, American cuisine is not good, and won’t [Read the rest]

Dec 132009

(asked by Kimberly from the US) This is not really a question about paying. I love your blog by the way. I am a total Francophile, I have been in love with France and French history ever since I was a little girl, and actually I think I influenced my children. Eeek. One of my daughters has taken 8 years of French and is now in Lyon getting ready to move there to get her Masters. THAT’S Living Vicariously.Okay, so [Read the rest]

Jan 252009

(asked by Grace G. from New Mexico) Is it true that the traditional French bread in France (like the pain de deux or baguettes) is made with a special flour, that is protected by law and can’t be exported? I was told that numerous times over there, and that that was the reason the “French” bread you get anywhere else (like here in the USA) just isn’t the same, even when it’s made by a French baker. I can definitely [Read the rest]

Jun 222008

(asked by Leesa from Antony, France (and originally from San Diego, California)) Wow, this is a hard one… Well, it’s not hard to answer this question; it’s hard to answer it in just a few lines… Let’s start with the fact that France and the US belong to the same civilization -let’s call it the Western civilization- and for that reason the biggest mistake both French and American people do when dealing with the other culture is to assume that [Read the rest]