Just a quick note to announce upcoming big changes on the blog. The most important one is a technical one. Within the next few weeks I will say goodbye to Blogger and move Ask a Frenchman to a self hosted platform.. -When will that happen? I’m not totally sure. I am technically ready to do it, but I want to make sure I do it the right way. (Warning: technical terms ahead) There is no way to do a real [Read the rest]

(asked by some regular readers) No, don’t worry, I’m doing well, I’ve just been busy with other things for the past month or so, and may be for a little more. So, this blog is taking some vacation. As usual, if you’ve asked a question a few weeks ago, be patient, and keep on sending more if you feel like, I’ll be back shortly.

(asked by Robin M. from the UK) That’s an easy and short one: He’ll most likely get annoyed by you.

You might have noticed (or not), but there’s a new widget on the right side column especially for regular readers of this blog…So if you are (or want to become) a regular reader, do not hesitate to become a “follower”…

(asked by FrancophileEtoile from Glasgow, Scotland) If I buy a French TV set (looking at Darty prices, not as likely as I first thought Please tell me Darty have soldes… ) is there such a thing as a French TV licence like we have in the UK? I’m assuming no as (I think) all French tv is commercial? I don’t want to have to pay an extra 100-odd euros for the year’s licence if I’m only going to be there [Read the rest]

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