For the past two days, the number of visitors to this site has skyrocketed, apparently, I was mentioned in a site (I had never heard of before… sorry…) and it brought a lot of people.

So welcome to you all, enjoy the blog as much as you want, but I have a few words of “warning” for those of you that will stick around.

First, look at the right hand column, they’ll tell you about the “rules” of the site.
As the site that brought you here is about relationships and dating, I must underline the rule about not asking me specific questions about specific individuals. I won’t answer them (because I can’t read minds, and French people are separate individuals from each other, we don’t all act and think alike, why some of you still assume the contrary is a mystery to me).

Concerning comments.
This is an English speaking site, and as such I’ll publish comments in English only, any other language will be rejected no matter how interesting or inflammatory the comment is (and in both cases, it would be a shame to have to reject such a comment).
Also, please, post your comments in the appropriate post, that will make everybody’s life easier (and prevent me from rejecting the comment, even if it’s very interesting or instructive).

Yes, I feel the need to remind you all of those because when checking me e-mail this morning, I got the three… on the same day…

That being said, enjoy the site, and do not hesitate to ask questions (non dating related, I think I have answered all I could on the topic, just search through the site), just be patient, it can take me a while to answer your question (I still have more than 20 in stock).


pixel A word of welcome (and of warnings?) to my new readership....

4 Responses to “A word of welcome (and of warnings?) to my new readership….”

  1. Where on the website you mentioned does it mention YOU? I can't look through the whole site.. Thanks and congrats, I think…. : )

  2. I am a newcomer to your site, but it was actually the Budget Travel "Top 10 Paris Expat Blogs" article that led me here. I enjoy your posts very much - thanks for taking the time to create them.

  3. Hi Lacifur,
    Yes, this article brought a lot of people here lately, but I didn't mention it, because it seemed "normal" to me (every time the blog gets mentioned somewhere it gets a boost, that's logical), the link from the frisky surprised me though, because it brought a lot of traffic (much more than the Newsweek Budget Travel) and it was from a site I had never heard of before.

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