Just a quick note to announce upcoming big changes on the blog.
The most important one is a technical one. Within the next few weeks I will say goodbye to Blogger and move Ask a Frenchman to a self hosted platform..
-When will that happen?
I’m not totally sure. I am technically ready to do it, but I want to make sure I do it the right way. (Warning: technical terms ahead) There is no way to do a real 301 redirect with Blogger, so I’m looking at the different ways I can go around that and keep important things with me like “Google Juice”, PageRank and most important readers coming from search engines.

-What does it entail for regular readers?
Well, if you’ve already subscribed to the RSS feed, if you already like the page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter, you won’t have much to worry about, you will be informed of the new address and those sorts of things, just make sure you check them regularly (I may even use Twitter more often and in a less automated way, I don’t make any promises though).
The URL (the address if you prefer) will obviously change.
Sadly, it won’t be askafrenchman -dot- com as somebody bought that name a few years ago. 
By the way, note to that person: if you’re a reader and are willing to sell me the name, I’ll buy it gladly at normal price (that is $10) without getting pissed at you. If you’re the same person that signed up askafrenchman at gmail.com I’ll take it for free too.
If you try to rip me off in any way, it could get ugly (yeah, I know who you are. Hint: not a Frenchman at all but an American woman whose initials are B.C.)
Where was I? Yes, the URL won’t be askafrenchman dot com. 
However once the change happens, you should be redirected to the right address (unless I messed something up) and in any case, the new address will be announced on Facebook and Twitter (hence the importance of following those pages).
I guess that’s it for the technical side of the changes. If you have any questions, do not hesitate. I’ll make another announcement a couple of days before the actual move.
This move made me think that I could change a few things in the contents of this blog too. Don’t worry, this blog will remain devoted to my mission of answering questions about France and the French as well as belittling people saying stupid things. However in addition, I reserve the right to once in a while talk about more or less random aspects of France, French life and such even if it’s not in the frame of a Q&A.
What do you think? Is this a good idea? Or should I stick to the current format?
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  6 Responses to “Coming Soon…”

  1. I think it's a great idea and I'll be happy to read whatever you post, wherever it is and whatever it's called. The more posts the better. ;-) Thanks for the heads up. Since I have the RSS feed I should be good, then.

    I'm in France, now by the way!! I'm having a wonderful time. I may just have a list of questions for you though, by the end….;-)

  2. Thanks.
    I hope you're having a great time in France

  3. Good idea as long as it makes your blog more active :)

  4. I'll try to. :-)

  5. Yes, please post more and write whatever you like. Also, please write your thoughts on other French bloggers. I would love to hear what you say about them. The ones blogging in English, of course!

  6. Do you mean French nationals blogging in English (I don't think I read a single one of them, except for Olivier Magny who rocks, the link to his blog is in the blogroll, I'm extremely jealous of him :-) )?

    Or do you mean English native speakers blogging about France?
    I used to read a lot of them, but I kinda stopped after a while. Some of them are quite interesting, but are a bit too much personal-life centered for my taste. Some others are full of crap, it's a shame that some people actually living in a country can't go beyond the clichés and misconceptions they grew up with.
    Although, I owe them something, it's a little bit because of them that I started this blog.

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