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September 4, 2011 / / France and the World

(asked by Carina from Portugal)


Dear Frenchman,
Iíve just discovered your blog and Iím finding your answers much more engaging than I was expecting to. In a matter of minutes youíve managed to stimulate my curiosity concerning France in a way I didnít think possible until this very moment and that, obviously, had as consequence an explosion of questions inside my mind, so I just couldnít keep quiet, could I? As a well behaved reader, instead of storming into asking a bunch of questions you could have already answered, I made a little research and, much to my amusement, I found this ďI cheer for France only when they play teams I hate (Italy and Portugal mostly, because they can’t play without cheating)Ē – the word I searched for was ďPortugalĒ, being that I am Portuguese and, therefore, was intending to ask something related to my country Ė anyway, what I find so amusing about your statement is that when it comes to football, most Portuguese people think exactly the same thing about the French team (oh! The irony!). From what I know, in Portugal, this opinion applies only to football, but I couldnít help but wonder if your statement extends to Portugal in general. What do French people think of Portugal/Portuguese people? Do they think of us, at all? I am particularly interested in this topic, because in the seventies France was flooded by Portuguese immigrants and I wonder if you think of us as an annoyance. The only thing I happen to know is that some Frenchmen claim that Portuguese women have mustaches! I had mixed feelings when I heard that, but mostly it made me laugh, seriously, what kind of women have they met?
Anyway, I really like it here, so Iíll pass by often.
Portuguese Woman Without A Mustache (shame, they are so in nowadays)