Jun 252011

(asked by Nicolette from California) I was in a relationship with a French guy. The relationship was very good here in CA. So, he invited me to France to spend Christmas with his family, meet his parents, etc. I was excited about this, and accepted. I arrived to meet a very wealthy family. During my seven week stay (in their secondary house) I was invited into the big house for 2 meals with them, a lunch on my 5th day [Read the rest]

Jan 282009

(asked by Anne from DC and -I think- currently in France) The other day when I was visiting a friend in Paris, I noticed that one of the names listed on the interphone in her building was the Comtesse de Something (I can’t remember what). So what’s the deal? France hasn’t had a king from a royal line for forever and égalité is one of the core values of the republic. Can you shed some light? The deal is pretty [Read the rest]