(asked by Madeline from somewhere) While with a cab driver in Paris I stuck up a conversation about French men and monogamy to which he replied: “There are two women for every Frenchman but it’s great because half the men are gay so it’s four women for every Frenchman!” I wouldn’t have doubts for any other reason other than he was the most creepy man in the world and had a strange fascination with murder. So Madeline, if you were [Read the rest]


(asked by Sarah, from New York) Do you think a blog in French to ask an American questions would have a lot of interest? I find it interesting that even though Americans have a lot of negative stereotypes on France, we are very nostalgic and interested in their culture. But, I don’t the impression that the French would be as interested.  Guess what… A little while after starting this blog, I wondered the same thing, and I started that blog. [Read the rest]


(asked by Sarah, from New York) First of all, Sarah, and everybody else, make sure that you have a comment to write as well as some questions, you don’t write them together as I’ll have to either not treat your question as its own post, or -as in this case- I won’t be able to publish the comment, and will have to either edit the whole thing, or keep even if it seems a little bit out of context. Thanks [Read the rest]


(asked by Nicky from somewhere) I am a qualified & experienced counselor, what do you think are my chances of finding work in France? My parents have lived there for 7 years, near Perpignan and I am hoping to move over at some point soon. Any help and suggestions will be gratefully received! Regards Er… A counselor in what? Unless I’m missing something, don’t you think you’re a little bit too vague for me to be able to answer your [Read the rest]


(asked by Kimberly from the US) This is not really a question about paying. I love your blog by the way. I am a total Francophile, I have been in love with France and French history ever since I was a little girl, and actually I think I influenced my children. Eeek. One of my daughters has taken 8 years of French and is now in Lyon getting ready to move there to get her Masters. THAT’S Living Vicariously.Okay, so [Read the rest]


(asked by Ravi from the UK) Hello,I can’t understand why the French, especially those in Paris hate the British so much. Despite the historical wars of CENTURIES ago, we have been through so much together, especially during the World Wars. We have worked together since then, the Channel Tunnel being an example. Many French citizens work in Great Britain and many Brits visit or settle as expats in France. The attitude of the average Paris born person is ridiculous and [Read the rest]


(asked by Michelle from the US) This question starts out sounding like a personal “I met this French guy….” question, but I do have a cultural question at the end. Last autumn, I was in Paris for a week, and one day I was standing on a street corner, map in hand, completely lost. A man stopped to help me, and we ended up talking for about an hour (mostly about travel and American politics). During the conversation he told [Read the rest]


(asked by Frou Frou from the Czech Republic) Ha, ha, Frou Frou! I know why you’re asking this question. You’re still shocked I praised French women in my answer to your last question, so you found the one question that you knew I would find no excuse for French women… You’re a sneaky one, aren’t you? So why is that?It’s pretty simple, but to understand that, you need to understand French women’s psychology (some people would say that it’s an [Read the rest]


A special nepotistic post today (after all nepotism is back in fashion in France) to tell you about two blogs. First of all, let me introduce you the latest born of the growing list of the “Ask a [insert nationality here]” blogs . Today, please welcome about our “community”: Ask a Russian… Then, if you can read French, two of my friends just started this blogzine (or whatever you want to call it) I warmly advise you to read.It’s called [Read the rest]


(asked by Sarah from New York) I’m a huge follower of the French “Ligue 1” and French National Soccer team. But, I’m constantly perplexed by the French fans. They boo their team from the minute they walk onto the field. I’ve gathered from your previous posts that the French people in general like to complain… But how do they expect them to win when they don’t receive any support from their fans? And, how can they be angry when their [Read the rest]

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