Jan 122010

(asked by Madeline from somewhere) While with a cab driver in Paris I stuck up a conversation about French men and monogamy to which he replied: “There are two women for every Frenchman but it’s great because half the men are gay so it’s four women for every Frenchman!” I wouldn’t have doubts for any other reason other than he was the most creepy man in the world and had a strange fascination with murder. So Madeline, if you were [Read the rest]

Sep 282009

(asked by Glass, from Chicago, US) Ok, we’re going to do things a little differently today, as Glass was kind enough to not hate me after my not so kind answer and to rewrite his questions to make them more understandable. As such, he has the privilege to get his new questions (which really are the old ones, but understandable this time) answered on the day he asked them. And for the re-write. I am a gay 22-year-old male from [Read the rest]