Jan 142013
And here we go!

    Ask a Frenchman‘s fourth incarnation is about to start… right now! Now this is on this blog: David + World that everything will happen:     As you will see, the blog speaks about various things, France not being the least important topic there. I just added a Ask a Frenchman! category. Here is how it’s gonna work: Little by little, I will move some posts there (sans comments unfortunately) until the day where this current address will [Read the rest]

Jan 032013
The future of Ask a Frenchman

  This beginning of the year (Happy New Year by the way) is a good time to start thinking about what’s ahead. So today, let’s talk a little bit about the future of this blog. If you’re a regular reader it’s not a surprise to you that I don’t write here regularly anymore. I’m sure that leaves you frustrated and it does the same to me. Things need to change, right? Truth is, that this blog - as it is [Read the rest]

Jul 082010

I have good news for you if you’re sad because of the lack of updates on this blog lately… I had to great blogs to advise you to read. Of course, you’ll have to be able to read French for this. First, the blog of my friend Fyly who decided to find the best burger in Paris (what a strange idea) and tell you the story: Then we have my namesake’s blog who will tell you everything he knows about [Read the rest]

Dec 302009

(asked by Sarah, from New York) Do you think a blog in French to ask an American questions would have a lot of interest? I find it interesting that even though Americans have a lot of negative stereotypes on France, we are very nostalgic and interested in their culture. But, I don’t the impression that the French would be as interested.  Guess what… A little while after starting this blog, I wondered the same thing, and I started that blog. [Read the rest]