How is Science Fiction regarded in France?

  (asked by Larry) 2. Okay, from high literature to something a bit more populist for my second question… How is science fiction regarded in France? Is it a respected genre or something that is dismissed as juvenile or trashy? I mean this in terms of both the bigger, popular series like Star Wars and Star Trek from the USA and Doctor Who and Blake’s 7 from Britain and also the more literate aspects of the genre. Are any of [Read the rest]

Is Alain-René Le Sage still widely read in France?

  (asked by Larry) I have been reading your site for a few months now and I have a few questions relating to literature that I would like to ask. 1. The works of most French writers are readily available in English but I have been having trouble finding the novels of Alain-René Le Sage, such as Gil Blas and Le Diable Boiteux (Devil on Two Sticks.) Eventually, I was lucky and found some editions that were over 50 years [Read the rest]

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