Jul 182008

(asked by Leah from… well, I assume she’s from Australia) Also, I assume you want to know what French people think of the Aussie accent in French, not in English, right? Just in case, I’ll answer both. So, what do French people think of the Aussie accent when they hear an Australian speak English? Well, most French people won’t recognize it as their knowledge of English rarely includes recognizing accents.And as far as French people that have a good knowledge [Read the rest]

Jul 142008
Happy Bastille Day?

    (asked by nobody, I just thought it was a good day to talk about it and clarify a few things) There are a lot of misconceptions about what is Bastille Day or rather about how it is celebrated in France. Here are a few debunked misconceptions, details revealed, traditions explained (or not). I hope I’m not forgetting too many. If you find some I forgot, the comments are here for this. Thanks in advance. Bastille Day is the [Read the rest]

Jul 072008

(asked by Leesa from Antony, France (and originally from San Diego, California)) She also adds: “I thought that when you are underground, it should be cooler, not hotter.. Maybe all the warm bodies?? It’s especially hot at Châtelet when I am waiting for the RER B. I thought I was going to pass out once…“ The Answer:Well… First it’s a common misconception that it’s cooler underground… In a normal underground, let’s say a cave, an underground cellar, etc. It’s not [Read the rest]