Aug 202008

(asked by S.B. from… somewhere… apparently people don’t like to mention where they’re from when they ask questions) A few months ago, while visiting my American cousin in Paris (she is married to a French man) I was introduced to one of his friends.I’ve begun learning French and apparently he’s working on his English… We’re both in our mid-twenties.My question: He told me he’d like to spend a lot of time with me when I go back and take me [Read the rest]

Aug 162008

(asked Lilabet from somewhere in Canada) Her full question: Since we’re on the topic of accents, I live in Canada and find that the Québec version of French seems more nasal than French French. If you’ve ever heard a Québécois(e) speak, do you find their version of French much different than yours? Both in terms of vocabulary and accent? Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of Québécois speak… Sadly, it seems that Québec has taken a habit to always send their [Read the rest]