Oct 282008

(asked by Shea from somewhere) Why is there a circumflex accent on dîner? I know that in most cases it replaces a missing “s” but what’s the story with this word? I know I said that I usually don’t respond to language questions, but I just love talking about circumflex accents (and I’ll use this as an excuse to teach you a thing or two about the history of the French language). First of all, Shea, you are right, the [Read the rest]

Oct 272008

(asked by Shea from somewhere) French philosophy was founded by metaphysical theory correct (or semi correct)? If so, has intercultural meshing taken a toll on philosophies, traditions, culture etc.? We are talking about cultures in the Anthropology class and a lady in the class stated that Japanese culture has changed some since the introduction of American culture in Japan. I was just curious if there have been any drastic changes to France since the introduction of other cultures or does [Read the rest]

Oct 222008

(asked by Isabelle from Los Angeles) I really can’t stand Sarkozy, because he reminds me of Bush, so I am really curious as to how he was elected. How could the French elect such an arrogant demagogue who is trying to reduce the separation of church and state and pandering to big corporations? Don’t they see that is the problem with America? First, I must tell that I’m happy to hear an American not liking Sarkozy… These days I have [Read the rest]

Oct 182008

(asked by Tracie from Tucson, Arizona) I realize that politics is a big subject with the French. My friend and I were talking about it last night while watching the news. He was in PIDEA and went to many different countries, France included. He stayed in contact (though loose) with some of the French people that he met, and when they do get together, politics is the theme of the conversation for the majority of the day. I have never [Read the rest]

Oct 122008

(asked by Tracie from Tucson, Arizona) “Most American males do not say they love you until after the female has said it first. As Americans, we love to be loved and so we toss the word love around like awesome, or great. We say it to everything, people (family, friends, hairdresser, and other people that we don’t have an intimate relationship with, or family), food, hobbies etc. I was wondering if it is the same in France.” It’s right that [Read the rest]

Oct 092008

The second part of the answer addresses the fact that Americans love to make fun of France for losing wars.And the fact that it actually tells more about Americans relationship to wars than French people’s. First, as it has been mentioned in the comments of the first part, this stereotype almost always comes from uneducated rednecks (should I dare add Republicans to the package?) and by the way, David L. from Miami is not one of them, I know him, [Read the rest]

Oct 042008

(asked by David L. from Miami) Why do the French suck at war? And winning things in general? (World Cup ’98 does not count because I’m pretty certain Ronaldo was paid off.)” Ah, the war question!Of all the stupid stereotypes about France, I think this is the worst of all.For two reasons:-1st it’s simply not true.-2nd it tells a lot about how Americans see wars and that’s not a pretty sight and explains a lot in the history if the [Read the rest]