Nov 262008

(asked by Littlemissperfect Lia from… somewhere) Ok, she didn’t exactly ask that, but rather this: (…) I hope you don’t mind me e-mailing you, I could not leave a message on you page as I don’t have a google account. My visit to France was very pleasant, totally different to the typical stereotype. (…) Anyway as me and some friends will be going back I just wanted to know if there’s anywhere you recommend for us to visit, we’ve recently [Read the rest]

Nov 212008

How am I not surprised this question was asked by anonymous from somewhere? Where should I start?Exactly how France has been “historically ungrateful”? What does “historically ungrateful” even mean?France has been plenty grateful in more ways than the average American even knows (more on that in a few lines).What do you want more?When you help a friend, what do you expect from them afterwards?Do you expect them to say thank you and that’s it?Or do you expect them to be [Read the rest]

Nov 192008

(asked by Nancy from Connecticut) Why can’t French people wait patiently in a line? Particularly when waiting for transportation. When I was at the airport in Paris, everyone was waiting in a clump for the shuttle from one terminal to the other, as soon as the bus came, the French person behind me started pushing and saying “dépêchez-vous” and pushing me. The same sort of thing would happen in the subways and waiting for a taxi, people would be calmly [Read the rest]

Nov 062008

(asked by Grace from New Mexico) What do French people have against peanut butter? When I lived in France, my stepmother used to send me jars of peanut butter. Nothing seemed to gross French people out quicker than watching me eat a peanut butter sandwich (especially with bananas on it.) Considering the way people suck down that hazelnut Nutella by the gallon over there, why do they have such a problem with America’s favorite nut spread? I don’t think French [Read the rest]