Dec 162008

(asked by Kimberlee from somewhere) As an American, I have a sense of unease when driving through the French countryside and seeing the towers. Am I a victim of propaganda from my own country, or are the French? We’re hitting a pretty interesting topic here.So who’s the victim of propaganda about nuclear plants? The French or the Americans?What about both? A few facts: 80% of the electricity produced and used in France comes from nuclear plants.Why is that? Because back [Read the rest]

Dec 042008

(asked by Susan from New England) I wanted to understand how the French public usually utilizes the dentist. Allow me to elaborate briefly. In the US when children grow up they learn to go to the dentist at least twice per year. These visits are covered by dental insurance and are for a general cleaning and examination - more preventative than anything. A lot of children also get braces (I did not). We also are drilled to floss, floss … [Read the rest]