Apr 232009

(asked by Minette from New York) I’m unsure about “tipping” at any eatery — café, bistro, restau? I understand that the “tip” is included in the total bill which is completely different from what I am used to in USA, especially New York. I also understand that it is OK and maybe even suggested to leave a small tip anyway if the service is good. I find it hard not to leave a tip so I always do. But I [Read the rest]

Apr 222009

(asked by Annika in Alsace) I have been dating a French boy for several years and whilst we have ironed out many cultural misunderstandings over the years, one baffling one remains - he rarely accepts responsibility when things are quite clearly his fault i.e. spilling a glass of water (it’s my fault for balancing it so precariously on the table or for fetching the water in the first place) and if I mention a problem which is in no way [Read the rest]

Apr 122009

(asked by Red from Chicago but currently in Paris) What’s with the scarves? Despite that it’s winter now, women and most men feel naked without this accessory, why? It’s funny, cos I wear them more than usual now, and going back to the States, people will comment or poke fun about how “euro-chic” I look in my little scarf… I understand that fashion is a step up from sweatpants and Ugg boots, but that can be achieved (quite often) sans [Read the rest]

Apr 072009

(asked by anonymous (I wonder why) from Dublin) I met a Frenchman when he was here for one week in Dublin, Ireland learning English. We went on date to dinner and kissed afterwards. I slept with him that night and he went home. We texted regularly and he came back to see me for 2 weeks a month later. He is divorced with two children, ex-French navy. We still text and email each other and he has asked me to [Read the rest]