Jun 262010

(asked by Megan, from Brisbane) As someone who studied the humanities at university, most of our modern post-structural/post-modern theory has been influenced by French thinkers by the way of the USA. Hence, Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, Jacques Derrida and Jacques Lacan are seen us untouchable heroes, almost above critique. Yet from the little that I have read, the French themselves have rather different opinions of these thinkers. I understand that the French have mostly moved on from post-structuralism/post-modernism whereas we [Read the rest]

Jun 232010

(asked by Megan from Brisbane) As an Australian myself, I am curious as to how the French generally perceive my country and our culture. What do French people think of Australians and Australia? Do they just perceive us as another group of English-speaking barbarians or do they see us in another way? Also, how do the French regard our culture, with regard to our films, artists, literature, gastronomy (or lack thereof) and so forth? It does not seem that Australia [Read the rest]