Jul 282010

No I do not publish every comment that is submitted to me. I obviously don’t publish spam or comments that are actually questions deserving their own topic. But I also tend to not publish comments on topics that have been widely commented when said comment doesn’t bring anything new. Finally, unless really interesting, I won’t publish a comment that is off-topic and/or will lead to a lengthy off-topic discussion. And most importantly, if I don’t publish your comment, don’t come [Read the rest]

Jul 282010

(asked by Melanie from somewhere) I have a question about apartment hunting in France. When I look up places to rent their prices come up as 255cc in euros and does not specify if it is weekly or monthly. What does ‘cc’ mean and do you know if in France apartments are usually paid by the month or week? Yeah, I know, I’m posting two articles in the same night, crazy, eh? I also have a question for you. Where [Read the rest]

Jul 272010

(asked by Megan from Brisbane, Australia) I have read in various places that Bretons see themselves as a little bit apart from the rest of France. Is this true, in your opinion? Is it changing over time? What are some cultural differences? Oh yeah, I totally agree with this statement. Bretons are a peculiar kind of French… Or so they think and try to convince themselves. The reason is simple: they think that they’re not really French and that their [Read the rest]

Jul 192010

(asked by Megan, from Brisbane, Australia) On reading your blog I can tell that you are very disillusioned with religion (perhaps with some good reason) but I was wondering if you could tell me a little about the L’Église Réformée de France (Reformed Church of France) as my own distant ancestors were Huguenot refugees who left France after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes (thanks to Louis XIV and his dragoon thugs. 🙁 ) There is very little information [Read the rest]

Jul 082010

I have good news for you if you’re sad because of the lack of updates on this blog lately… I had to great blogs to advise you to read. Of course, you’ll have to be able to read French for this. First, the blog of my friend Fyly who decided to find the best burger in Paris (what a strange idea) and tell you the story: Then we have my namesake’s blog who will tell you everything he knows about [Read the rest]