Sep 272011
What do French people think of ginger/red hair and is there any prejudice against it in France?

    (asked by Kristin from Scotland)   Bonjour Monsieur, I was just wondering what French people think of ginger/red hair and if there is any prejudice against it? I just call it Ginger hair but some people find this term offensive. Is there an offensive term in French or is roux/rousse just a descriptive word without any derogative connotations? I have seen quite a few French websites about ginger hair but what is the real attitude towards ginger hair and how [Read the rest]

Sep 042011
What do French people think of Portugal/Portuguese people?

(asked by Carina from Portugal)   Dear Frenchman, I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m finding your answers much more engaging than I was expecting to. In a matter of minutes you’ve managed to stimulate my curiosity concerning France in a way I didn’t think possible until this very moment and that, obviously, had as consequence an explosion of questions inside my mind, so I just couldn’t keep quiet, could I? As a well behaved reader, instead of storming into [Read the rest]