Mar 142011
Nothing about France today.
I just want to invite you to help Japan if you can.
And please, no slacktivism (sharing links is a good thing, but it’s not enough - yes, this is what I’m doing here, but this is not the only thing I’m doing), no prayer (who’s the idiot that launched that “Pray for Japan” campaign? this is really the worst kind of slacktivism and it hurts more than it helps when people think they’ve done something because they sat on their knees for a few seconds). What NGOs and Japanese people need is cold hard cash so they can get the relief and help process going.
So please donate to reliable NGOs.
I advise you The Red Cross, but it also can be Salvation Army. If I think of any other else, I’ll edit the post, if you think of others, tell me, I’ll edit the post too.
And please, make sure you give to legit NGOs, no scammers, no missionary bullshit.
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