Mar 142011

Nothing about France today. I just want to invite you to help Japan if you can. And please, no slacktivism (sharing links is a good thing, but it’s not enough - yes, this is what I’m doing here, but this is not the only thing I’m doing), no prayer (who’s the idiot that launched that “Pray for Japan” campaign? this is really the worst kind of slacktivism and it hurts more than it helps when people think they’ve done something [Read the rest]

Mar 122010

(asked by PDD from Vietnam) First, I wanted to commend you on your wonderful blog! I love returning to the site to see what new information you have to offer us. It’s incredibly enlightening, even for a “halfie” (I’m half French, half Vietnamese) as myself! =P Second, I have a question for you, though I know this might be hard to answer without some generalities. My question: I have visited the south of France (in particular Montpellier) with my family [Read the rest]