Jan 032013
The future of Ask a Frenchman

  This beginning of the year (Happy New Year by the way) is a good time to start thinking about what’s ahead. So today, let’s talk a little bit about the future of this blog. If you’re a regular reader it’s not a surprise to you that I don’t write here regularly anymore. I’m sure that leaves you frustrated and it does the same to me. Things need to change, right? Truth is, that this blog - as it is [Read the rest]

Feb 132010

(asked by David, from somewhere and currently in Paris… no, it’s not me, I don’t ask questions to myself) Just discovered your blog and am enjoying very much your ability to put cultural differences into context. I’ve been in Paris two years with my family (wife and two teen-agers)and we’ve been having a great experience. I’ve tried to impress on my children that we are guests in France and so we must be respectful of cultural differences, even if we [Read the rest]