Mar 282011
I’m a vegetarian, will I be a pain in everybody’s ass in France?

  (asked by Lilliem from the US) I just read your blog, and I thought it was really cool and helpful! I do have one question though. I’m going on an exchange to France this summer as a student and staying with a host family. I have been a vegetarian for five years, you mentioned before that you and your friends were talking about it. I was just wondering, do you think that this would really affect my trip? I [Read the rest]

Oct 202009

(asked by Rachel from Buffalo, NY) Dear Sir, I’m going to France this fall to study French and live with a French family. I was thinking about getting the family something to say, ‘thanks for letting me live with you’, but I have no idea of what kind of gift would be appropriate. I want to let them know that I’m grateful, but don’t want to get something weird or out of place. Any thoughts? Thanks. Wow, I haven’t been [Read the rest]