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(asked by Jacynta from Malaysia)

I am a registered pharmacist in the UK and Singapore .
I am planning to move to Paris. I am seeking for information regarding pharmacist registration in France, is it difficult to get a job in France for a foreigner like myself?
Please enlighten me.
Thank you.
Ah! A straight direct question just how I like them (actually I edited it out a little bit, there were a couple of lines about having a French boyfriend).
If you want to work in France, the first thing you need to have is a work visa. That topic has been dealt with there.
If you want to work in a pharmacy -as an employee- the job market in France is what it is -understand “not very good these days” (and by “these days” I mean since the 80′s, I’m not just referring to the current economic crisis), but on the other hand pharmacists are always needed, especially with the number of old people constantly increasing and all of those factors, so I don’t think that pharmacists are badly touched by unemployment.
That being said, I don’t think you can hope to work in a pharmacy in France without being fluent in French, so keep that in mind.

Now, if you meant that you wanted to open your own pharmacy, my answer is: I have no idea how this works, I have no idea if it’s different with EU citizens and non-EU citizens.
This link may help (it’s in French, but as you need to be fluent in French to work in a pharmacy anyway), that one too.

If anybody has some information on the topic they want to share, please feel free.

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