Feb 222009

(asked by Alexandra H. currently in Paris) I have lived in Paris for years and I still can’t get over the French (Parisians, specifically) and their “faux” manners that seem to arise from a sense of entitlement (is this the “I’m more important than you” syndrome at work?). To wit, two examples from the last 48 hours: 1. Today while getting on the bus at a rear door (on a long bus, where it’s acceptable) I arrived at the ticket [Read the rest]

Feb 182009

(asked by Wendy from Santa Ana, California) So! What do they really think? Wow, that’s a big one.You’re aware that -more than ever- there are as many answer as there are French people, aren’t you?If you had simply asked “What do the French think about Americans?” I could have answered with the usual batch of clichés and stereotypes: “they’re fat, they have no culture, they’re stupid, they’re warmongers, they eat crap, they don’t know anything about the rest of the [Read the rest]

Feb 162009

(asked by Jess from Indiana) I was just wondering, could you tell me about the cultural differences between Massage Therapy in France and the U.S. And also, what exactly is a kinesiotheque (excuse the spelling)? In our country as a whole, there is so little regulation that it is often viewed as sexual or at very least, non medical. As someone nearly finished with massage school here in the U.S. I have wondered if it is viewed in more of [Read the rest]

Feb 082009

(asked by anonymous) OK, French toast: le pain perdu, French fries: les frites, but what is a French kiss? Really? You don’t know what it is? Do you need me to show you?Oh… You meant, what is it in French?Well, it’s doesn’t really have a special name actually (or it’s totally escaping me right now… somebody? tell me I don’t have Alzheimer’s yet) apart from “un baiser” (a kiss).Maybe because a French kiss is the standard kiss (between two lovers [Read the rest]

Feb 042009

(Katie S. from Stanford, CA but currently in France) I am an American student living in France - from Paris to Arles to Marseille to Strasbourg. I have found that everywhere I go, French women are cold to me - especially, but not exclusively, if I am dating a guy that they know. Could you explain why? Is it a French woman Vs American woman thing? Or just a French women in general thing? What is the general conception of [Read the rest]