Jan 252010

(asked by Anyuli from Puerto Rico) Hello, I recently stumbled upon your blog, and I think it offers some funny and insightful commentary on French culture. I’m a recent graduate from Puerto Rico, who studied abroad in France for a year and is now moving there to pursue a Master’s degree. In your blog you briefly mention the distinction between the “public and the private spheres”. I glimpsed at this through interactions with my significant other and my French host [Read the rest]

Jan 212010

Not a question today, but just a reminder for my American audience. Regularly on this blog, the question of food arises, and I say that American food is terrible, one of the worst in the world, and some people say that: -American cuisine can be good. -One can find good products in the US. Can American cuisine be good? Yes it can. But it’s more the exception than the rule. All in all, American cuisine is not good, and won’t [Read the rest]

Jan 122010

(asked by Madeline from somewhere) While with a cab driver in Paris I stuck up a conversation about French men and monogamy to which he replied: “There are two women for every Frenchman but it’s great because half the men are gay so it’s four women for every Frenchman!” I wouldn’t have doubts for any other reason other than he was the most creepy man in the world and had a strange fascination with murder. So Madeline, if you were [Read the rest]