Feb 242010

(asked by Diane from the US) I have been reading your blog Ask a Frenchman for a couple of months now and you are wonderful and funny to read. This has definitely been educational. My question is about the post on customer service. I am considering visiting France at some point eventually and I am from the USA. I have a daughter who is deathly allergic to walnuts, and their use seems more common in France. Would there be any [Read the rest]

Feb 132010

(asked by David, from somewhere and currently in Paris… no, it’s not me, I don’t ask questions to myself) Just discovered your blog and am enjoying very much your ability to put cultural differences into context. I’ve been in Paris two years with my family (wife and two teen-agers)and we’ve been having a great experience. I’ve tried to impress on my children that we are guests in France and so we must be respectful of cultural differences, even if we [Read the rest]

Feb 092010

A huge number of people arrived on this blog today with the following query on google: “how to impress a French man”, just in the last 90 minutes, 23 people arrived this way. I was wondering why, and then I stumbled upon that commercial that aired during the Super Bowl last night. The funny thing being that I noticed that commercial, but didn’t really pay attention to it while it was airing (I guess I was checking my e-mail or [Read the rest]

Feb 022010

Hey, my name is Sergio, 16 from Austin, Texas and I was reading your blog…neat stuff. I’m actually a Francophile, meaning I literally have an obsession with learning the French language. I am Mexican-American, obviously speaking both English and Spanish as my native languages and trying to learn French. I was actually wondering if it would be difficult for me to live in France, as an English or Spanish teacher or a civil engineer. I have already read Lola’s e-mail, [Read the rest]