Apr 302010

(sent by Obade from NYC) OK, I’ve been quite silent lately. One reason is that I’ve been busy (in my real life, you know, with my real job and those sorts of things –yeah, contrarily to popular belief, my job is not to maintain this blog; I wish it was, but let’s admit it, the pay sucks). Another reason is because the next question in line (yeah, I try to answer questions in the order in which I get them) [Read the rest]

Apr 212010

(asked by Jacynta from Malaysia) Hi, I am a registered pharmacist in the UK and Singapore . I am planning to move to Paris. I am seeking for information regarding pharmacist registration in France, is it difficult to get a job in France for a foreigner like myself? Please enlighten me. Thank you. Regards, Jacynta Ah! A straight direct question just how I like them (actually I edited it out a little bit, there were a couple of lines about [Read the rest]

Apr 212010

(asked by Jen, from… somewhere, possibly somewhere in Asia) And here is Jen’s third and last question: And… is it normal, if you ask a stranger something (most of the time where the metro station is located), he then will offer you a city tour on the weekend or coffee after work? Would I be too naive if I just think all Parisian (men) are these nice to tourists? I’m planning to go back to Paris the end of the [Read the rest]

Apr 212010

(asked by Jen, from… somewhere, possibly somewhere in Asia) Jen -the previous asker- actually had three questions, but instead of bundling them up in one entry, I’m separating them into three. Here is the second one: Another thing is… do French men don’t relate ‘marriage’ with ‘sex’? I am married (though my husband didn’t come to Paris with me) and my two French friends knew it, but both did try (individually and in different occasion of course) to suggest for [Read the rest]

Apr 172010

(asked by Jen, from… somewhere, possibly somewhere in Asia) I went to Paris 12 years ago and came back a year ago, both for a 2 weeks of vacation. I had a great time, only that I couldn’t help but to wonder if Parisian (or should I say the French people?) don’t really smile to strangers? I don’t mean just to any strangers you met on the street…. but the people who serve your table… or in a hotel… or [Read the rest]

Apr 072010

(asked by Mark P. from California) Does France celebrate the 5th of May each year? What do Frenchmen feel about this, if it is a holiday? Do they drink tequila or Cerveza Modelo? Merci. Something horrible has happened (ok, I exaggerate a bit). I have recently decided to make changes to this blog. One of them include a different layout (which will likely change again in the near future when I take the time to really think it through and [Read the rest]

Apr 032010

(asked by Bill from somewhere) I believe that many French people think of their country as following Green policies mostly. I also know that pretty much every French person (especially Parisians) seems to walk around with bottled water in plastic bottles. I was wondering if you had any insight to this seeming paradox. Cheers, Bill Hi Bill,  Well, first I’m not sure what makes you think that the French think of their country as following green policies mostly. I personally [Read the rest]