Jan 242011

    (asked by Jainiz from the US) I am an American girl married to a French man. My three months here have expired, is there any way I can get the carte de résident without having to travel back to the US? Can an immigration attorney help me get legalize? Or is this possible? I just don’t want to go back and forth, its costly.   Come on people, I want to help you. I really do. But you [Read the rest]

Jan 162011

(asked by Petite Tea Cup from the US) I have a question that has been bugging. This lady came into the store I work at, looking to try on clothes. When a co-worker offered some turtleneck shirts, she said she didn’t wear turtlenecks because she believed she was French in a former life. Apparently, the French don’t wear turtlenecks because it interferes with all the scarf wearing. When the co-working told me this story I said it simply wasn’t true. [Read the rest]

Jan 062011

(asked by Jo from New Zealand) You wouldn’t happen to know what the law is on serving water at bars in France, would you? I am sick of going to bars here in Nice and basically getting bullied into drinking everywhere I go. On Saturday night, my friend and I were in a very crowded pub and yet in the space of about 5 minutes a waitress came and handed us a drinks menu, then I went up to the [Read the rest]

Jan 022011

(asked by Patricia from somewhere – I guess the US) Do French men really find American women fascinating? Ah American women! The object of fascination of all Frenchmen!!! Or are they? Well, first I guess we need to define “fascination.” Personally, I always found mole rats to be extremely fascinating if you see what I mean. I guess we need to separate two things here. First, American women, the way they are depicted in the French media and the fascination [Read the rest]